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Collective reading for 
JUNE 2023

June will be a month of travel and movement, quick decisions that will shape the future. It's also a month of good-paying work, financial abundance, and celebrations. Financially, it's a very favourable month due to its numerological vibration of 8, which is energetic and success-oriented.

The energetic shift will make us feel much better and lighter compared to the previous month. Things will fall back into place after turbulence. Some of us will close old chapters in our lives and open new perspectives. This could be related to a new romantic relationship, job, business venture, buying a house, or acquiring land—anything that will grow and flourish over the years due to our efforts.

June is a month of cyclic events, where not by chance but by destiny, people, events, and situations come into our lives that are crucial for our journey on Earth. It's also a good time for introspection and spiritual transformation.

In June, after when big flower will grow and spread the light, a breakthrough will appear on the land affected with human aggression.   Referring to this thought, I see the symbol of infinity, which reminds us of peace, balance, harmony, and unity with the entire world around us. Every compassionate thought sent to where it's needed can raise vibrations and contribute to miracles. 

In terms of love, this month will solidify many relationships. It's a good time for everlasting love and also for meeting someone interesting and valuable. We will be surprised and adored with generous gestures from our partner or even a friend. There will also be a great chance for the reunion of kindred spirits or twin flames who have been separated for a long time, seeking each other amidst the chaos of earthly life. Through cyclic events and situations, which are planned according to divine timing, there will be an opportunity for this. We are free beings with the privilege of free will and choice, so it's up to you which path you travel and which person accompanies you to write beautiful memories on the blank pages of your story.

The collective vibrations for the month of June are at the level of 310, which represents willingness. At this vibration level, people are genuinely friendly, which automatically contributes to success in various fields such as economics and politics. At this level of consciousness, we set aside our egos and accept criticism as constructive and growth-oriented.


Collective reading for 
MAY 2023

The month of May is a chaotic time, and at times it may seem like everything is upside down. There is a noticeable sense of chaos, confusion, and haste. It is not recommended to plan any trips in May as there may be unexpected delays, cancellations, and other small stressful surprises. Everything is different this month, and we may be positively or negatively surprised.

In this month, we will feel a sense of nervousness, which may cause slight conflicts or quarrels. Men, in particular, will feel a surge of masculine energy (MARS' INFLUENCE) and a desire to set goals for themselves and achieve them on their own. However, it is important to approach things with an open heart, which will lead to success.

May is a month of either wins or losses, and at times we may feel like we are swimming against the tide. It is important to maintain a healthy sense of perspective and not rush into anything. Take a deep breath and pause for a moment. It is not advisable to make any agreements or sign important contracts in this month. Check everything carefully before signing any important documents as there may be important details that you overlook, which may affect the value of the signed agreement.

This month is an opportunity to correct mistakes from the past or address issues that are weighing you down and need to be improved to move forward with a clear conscience. May is favourable for indecisive individuals who do not have a set goal in life and struggle to find their place. There will be moments of enlightenment and possible directions to take, but it is important to be consistent in pursuing the planned goal and not grab too many options, as this may result in having nothing.

May is also a time to focus on your health and make use of various cleansing detoxes and healthy diets.

Regarding love, this month will be very indecisive. Some of you will be facing a serious choice, which will affect the future and the possibility of a long-term relationship. Remember to follow your heart and soul and trust your feelings. Contemplating the situation in solitude will be beneficial because it will allow you to reach your inner self, what will lead to healing and in the end will help to make the right decision.

In May, we have a numerological number of 8, which is characterized by extraordinary strength, determination, ambition, aggression, boldness, and self-confidence. In this month, you will devote yourself more to your career and have less time for emotions and love.

The collective vibrations for the month of May are at the level of 150, which is Anger & Hate.

Anger can as well lead to constructive or destructive actions, and it can easily lead to hate, which has a slow destructive impact on all aspects of our lives. I wish for all of us to be constructive affected by this vibration this month.


Collective reading for 
APRIL 2023

April as a month feels like it's not the right season with the lingering cold, making us feel like our seasons have been rearranged for some reason. This month will bring uncertainty, possibly for some people lack of trust, and contemplation of the past. Our intuition will be heightened, and we will sense the intentions of others, you will notice something that will open your eyes to mistakes made under the temporary influence of manipulation. You will focus on what is important to you, which is family, friends, supporting each other, and giving each other a sense of security, which is very important. For some people, forced changes such as moving to a different apartment or even to another country will occur. Thoughts about the future of our beautiful planet, Mother Earth, will also emerge. Ideas and projects will be born that will benefit humanity in the future, which will be noticed. In April, you can expect unexpected money and a sudden improvement in your finances. We may feel like a magnet that attracts money. It may be worth investing this month, which will certainly pay off. We will be more willing to work together towards a common goal, but it's possible that you'll feel overwhelmed with work, making you feel drained and discouraged without noticing where it's leading. It's important to remember what you are accomplishing step by step, you may not notice the helpful hand that the universe is offering you. You may feel slightly isolated but strong and aware of the wisdom gained from difficult lessons. For some people, a person in a position of power may play an important role in helping them out of a difficult situation. It's up to you how you take advantage of the possible opportunities that come your way. Know that whatever you choose, you are on the right path.

In love, some people will feel uncertain about the person they have feelings for, which will be confusing , not knowing what to do next because you don't like to walk on uncertain ground and don't want to be hurt. This will bring up difficult old memories of feeling being abandoned. Honor your feelings and trust that the person you're asking about is worthy of your trust. 

For some couples, it will be a blissful and sensual time, renewing their love and reigniting the fire of love that has always been between them. 

In the love of April, we have the number 2, which means that you will be more empathetic, caring, open to others, loyal, and devoted. It's important for you to feel that you're not alone and that someone reciprocates your warm thoughts and feelings. The number 2 also represents a loyal friend who surrounds you with tolerance, acceptance, and forgiveness as often as necessary.

In the month of April, the collective consciousness is at a level of 250, which represents neutrality. This neutrality allows for more flexibility, as we approach problems , by being in a non-judgmental and realistic manner, without being attached to the outcome or expectations. We feel confident in our inner power, and are able to distance ourselves from conflicts, competition, control, and guilt. This level of consciousness allows us to value our freedom and independence.


Collective reading for MARCH 2023

From the first days of March, we will feel a fresh breeze with the scent of spring. Every day, the sun will shine brighter and brighter in all aspects of our daily lives: love, health, finances, and career. This is a time when you will feel energized, more joyful and eager, and more courageous in making decisions.

In the financial and professional sphere, you may feel as though everything is standing still or moving in slow motion, like a film being played in SM. Some people will be in a relaxed mood after a lot of stress and hard work, waiting in silence for the moment of victory, which is just around the corner.

This month, you can expect important correspondence, signing of important contracts, passing of exams. It is also a month in which you will receive significant information that will enlighten your perspective on important matters in your professional and financial life, as well as in your personal relationships. This will change your perception and point of view. Be attentive to the signs that appear to you, as they will help you in the choices you make during this time.

It will be a month in which more light and divine energy will be sent, releasing in you the feeling of freedom, innocence, and trust. It will be a moment conducive to exposing the inner child, the energy that has been suppressed for a long time. This will be conducive to the process of healing oneself. You will clearly feel your solar plexus chakra rising up , which will improve your vitality and energy flow, feeling creative forces and inner power.

In March, love will flourish for many of us. Contacts will be renewed between kindred souls, and promising new relationships will be established. Many of us will find true love, where partners will care for each other and where there will be balance. You will begin a promising new cycle in the realm of partnerships.

There will also be people who decide to break away from stagnation and unsatisfactory relationships. There will be a flash of enlightenment and a desire to move forward. You will feel a lot more faith and love for yourself, which will result in changes and open up new possibilities and experiences.

For the month of March, we have the numerological number 1 in love. 1 is the number of creation, beginnings, and the source of all energy. The number 1 not only benefits from the relationship but also ensures that both parties are satisfied. The love life of the numerological 1 can be threatened by excessive involvement in professional matters or a strong desire to be the best in all areas of life. If the number 1 focuses too much on themselves, their partner may feel neglected. The number 1 is passionate and romantic, but rarely able to fully give themselves to their partner. Their priority is independence and a free spirit.

The vibrations for the collective in the month of March is at 350, centred around the theme of acceptance. We will experience a major energetic shift this month, where transformation takes place in order to live in harmony with one another. Acceptance means finding balance, proportion, and appropriateness in all aspects of our lives. We will respect and treat each other as equal.


Collective reading for FEBRUARY 2023

In February, you will feel a bit tired with mundane matters and the last few months that have not been easy. There may be problems with sleeping, too many emotions, and thinking about what has happened and what you could have done differently. Then you will return to your inner self and remind yourself of your strength that has always guided you through life. Along with this, a spark of hope and faith that something good is just around the corner will appear. Remember to forgive everyone and everything and remember that nothing lasts forever. Spiritual acceptance will allow for harmonious, naturally occurring changes in your life. After hard work and further planning and thinking about your future, you will see light at the end of the tunnel and doors will open that will be the beginning of a long-term source of abundance. These are the efforts of your earlier struggles and the right moment when everything is finished and ready for the next step. You will treat this as another life adventure, leaping into the unknown with trust. You will begin to appreciate the beauty around you and the joy of small things that you may not have always noticed. You will feel beautiful, feel in unity and harmony with the universe.  

Love in February has the number 4, which symbolizes completeness, wholeness. It is associated with order, responsibility, and valuing stability. The number 4 is associated with reason, diligence, calmness, and perseverance.  

In love, the strengthening of a partnership, marriage. Good feelings, great love promising long and happy years. Friendships formed this month will last for many years, through good and bad. Solid, trustworthy, good friend.  

It seems that the overall collective vibrations for the month of February 2023 is described as 75 - GRIEF, REGRET. The emotions associated with this vibration include sadness and a constant complaint about the loss and the past. Additionally, it suggests that people may have a tendency to see things in one perspective or with a narrow view. It's important to keep in mind that these are overall collective vibrations, and individual experiences and perspectives can vary greatly. It's also important to remember that we have the power to shape it with our thoughts and actions.


Collective reading for JANUARY 2023

Through connecting with the natural world and the divine (specifically for women), you will experience a sense of completeness. Through deep reflection and contemplation, you may come to recognize areas of yourself that need healing and balance. You may find that you are holding on to the past out of fear of the unknown future, but it encourages you to let go and trust the flow of life, knowing that you are protected and guided by a higher power. Your home and family will be blessed with abundance and safety.

Take a moment to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and fully embrace the natural flow of life. Allowing yourself to release control and trust in the natural rhythms can bring a sense of inner peace and alignment.

A successful start of an idea or project. It is an exciting time for new beginnings, new adventures. Discard wrong ideas and accept new ones. Put the past in its place but learn from experiences. Have patience, don't expect sudden results from your efforts, this is a good time to sow the seed and wait for the results.  

Close the chapter of old experiences and to make space for new ones. However, it also reminds us that new ideas require a lot of care before they bring the desired results. "Catch the wide winds in your sails, my loves".
In love, you will feel light-hearted and pure, like a bird soaring on the breeze. Memories of youthful and innocent love may come to mind and you will feel a sense of hope and belief as you close a certain chapter in your life. It is also a reminder to be patient and understanding that everything happens according to a divine plan, let things unfold in their own time and trust that everything will fall into place. 


The Art of Healing by Isabella E. Kraw

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