Healing modalities



Emotional detox massage is a combination of full-body massage and intensive breath. It incorporates elements of Chi Nei Tsang, which is an abdominal massage accompanied by strong pressure. Its purpose is to remove blocks that often manifest after traumatic experiences or intense stress. These blocks initially manifest energetically and go unnoticed. When they remain uncleared, they settle in the body, often causing various discomforts and generally blocking the flow of energy. As an experienced therapist, I will carefully guide you throughout the entire massage, Being present observing your every movement and the emotions that usually accompany this healing process. 


It is a full-body massage with individual dedication to each client, accompanied by strong pressure or relaxation depending on preferences. Holistic massage also incorporates elements of sound therapy, which helps penetrate deep into the muscles where the masseur cannot reach. Its purpose is to relax the muscles, release tension, and accelerate the regeneration of muscle tissue after various types of injuries. Sound therapy also aids in deep relaxation and is a wonderful method for individuals seeking a calming moment after intense mental or physical work. The holistic massage session concludes with a 10-minute of Reiki 

Sound healing 

Sound therapy is a highly effective method of healing and deep relaxation, designed by Peter Hess. These bowls are carefully crafted with dedication to be used on the patient's body  and resonate with the appropriate frequency of each chakra (positively affect body, aura and chakras) greatly enhancing the quality of the therapy. Sound healing (by Peter Hess)  includes methods of conducting sound through the body for impressive healing effects. Relaxation is the main aspect of sound massage effects, in addition to the physiological indications of the therapy's benefits. These include:

  • Muscular and nervous systems
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Respiratory system
  • Psychological signs of relief
  • Central nervous system (experiencing increased alpha and theta brain waves)
  • Improved metabolism




Psychic readings and channelling

In my esoteric work, I'm working with  Tarot cards, Runes, Dice , Scrying and Pendulum .  I also conduct private sittings for my clients as a medium, providing evidence from family members and close friends who have departed from this world and wish to provide testimony of the continuity of our existence. This is done for the purpose of healing and comforting the souls of the living.


Spiritual Response Therapy 

SRT and Spiritual Restructuring method , is a powerful and effective system for accessing and transforming the beliefs and patterns stored in the subconscious mind. It is a holistic and comprehensive approach that addresses the root cause of many physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges.

SRT can be used to help with: Overcoming fears and phobias; Resolving relationship conflict; Clearing your home,  land and other types of property; Clearing your business; Enhancing your feelings of success; Clearing animals.


Vibrational Frequency analysis with  Dr David Hawkins' Scale of Consciousness

Vibrational frequency analysis is a method of measuring and evaluating the energy or vibration of a person, object, or concept. One popular tool for this purpose is Dr. David Hawkins' scale of consciousness, which categorizes different levels of consciousness or vibrational frequency on a scale from 0 to 1000. The scale can be used to evaluate the vibrational frequency of a person's thoughts, emotions, and actions, as well as the vibrational frequency of external influences such as people, places, and situations. By understanding and raising our own vibrational frequency, we can cultivate a higher level of consciousness and well-being.  

Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini Reiki is a unique healing practice that combines the principles of Reiki with the powerful energy of Kundalini. This energy, often referred to as the life force, lies dormant at the base of the spine and is believed to hold the key to physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

Workshop in Self-Healing with bioenergy therapy that you can apply yourself

Our beautiful world, as well as all existence that surrounds us, is an energy with various vibrations and consciousness,  that changes and grows, just like ourselves. We strive for fulfillment on the spiritual plane and here in our earthly life. But sometimes  we encounter various obstacles  that makes you feel drained, disconnected, emotional with fluctuating moods, etc.  
We have forgotten that we are one with the whole universe, one with the spirit .By changing yourself, you will change everything around you.
 To understand  all of this from an energetic standpoint 
You must start the journey within yourself to  discover who you truly  are ,strengthen the connection with your spirit, with your inner self, which will lead you to healing, an increase in vibrations, and subsequently positively change your entire environment and the comfort of your life. I invite interested individuals to a one-day workshop where I will share basic knowledge about the energy system on how to clear yourself, your environment, your own aura chakra from interfering discordant energies, beings, blocks, how to apply protection when needed. Before we start, you will receive your own energy analysis with an explanation. I will also read your energy after the work you do with yourself on that day. I am aslo open to individual work  1 to 1 

The Art of Healing by Isabella E. Kraw

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